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Live Tracking

With the RULOCONTROL ™ application, you can instantly monitor the instant status information of all Rulomatik automatic vending machines from anywhere and from any device with internet connection.

Vending Machine Tracking

With the RULOCONTROL ™ application, the car floor mat vending machine can display the remaining product information, position information, fault information, and so on.

Mobile Access Support

You can also access the Rulomatik™ vending machine from anywhere on mobile devices.

Report Grouping

You can group daily reports of the Rulomatik™ vending machine.

Historical Tracking Records

You can store your historical daily reports for the number of days you want and you can access them at any time.

Real Time Activity Management

You can report all activities of Rulomatik™ vending machine in real time.

Local Server Support

You can also use the entire RULOCONTROL ™ application on your local network without the cloud system.

Remote Automat Controls

Rulomatik™ vending machine can remotely shut down, restart.

Vending Restrictions

You can switch off the Rulomatik™ vending machine you want to turn off with the remote control.

Productivity Indicators

You can see the efficiency of the activities where the Rulomatik™ vending machine is deployed according to your set criteria.

Efficient-Inefficient Application Definitions

You can mark the day-to-day sales of the Rulomatik™ vending machine as efficient or inefficient.

Time Limitations

It is possible to apply limitations on the daily working hours of the Rulomatik™ vending machine.

Unlimited Administrator Define

You can authorize and manage the control of the Rulomatik™ vending machine and its own, and define a specific administrator entry.